T-Rex Appliance


What is a T-Rex Appliance?

The T-Rex creates room for unerupted permanent teeth to come into as well as widening the roof of the mouth to have enough room for your childs permanent teeth. Most permanent teeth are larger than the baby teeth they replace, that is why we see crowding. After T-Rex therapy, we see very nice eruption of the remaining permanent teeth so that extraction of teeth is not necessary and braces are usually required for only about 12 months to finish your child with a beautiful smile and bite for life.

The T-Rex is very effective, and compliance is great. The T-Rex will be glued in and most children forget it’s even in there after the first few days. It is in for approximately 6 months. During this time the appliance will push the upper molars back creating space (about the width of a pencil) for permanent teeth to come in. As well as expanding the upper arch with the turns you will be completing for 2 weeks. This space is created quickly and comfortably.


Why do I need to wear a T-Rex Appliance? Your T-Rex appliance is used to widen your upper jaw and to move your upper molars back to fix your bite. This creates room so we can avoid the removal of permanent teeth.

What do I have to do? Turn the key one full turn twice each day for 14 days. Then stop, unless Dr. Chapman instructs you otherwise.

How do I take care of my T-Rex? Brush after meals and follow the food list instructions.

Will it hurt? It may take a few days to get used to your new appliance. If you experience any irritation to your cheeks, try placing soft wax over the bothersome areas. Take Advil if needed for discomfort.

What about the Gap? A large space will form between your upper front teeth. We expect this, it means your appliance is doing is job.

Anything else I should know? If one of the bands becomes loose, call us immediately at 503 659-5000 to schedule a repair appointment.

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