Penguin Appliance – The 21st Century Headgear!


ChapmanSmiles offers “invisible headgear” known as the Penguin.  This 21st century technology is 100% effective with little to no discomfort.  Your child won’t have to be reminded to wear the appliance as it is glued into place on the primary molars.  The Penguin creates room for unerupted permanent teeth to come into.  Most permanent teeth are larger than the primary teeth they replace which is why we see crowded and crooked teeth in a great deal of the population.  After Penguin therapy, we see very nice eruption of the remaining permanent teeth so that braces are usually only required for about 12 months to finish the patient with a beautiful smile.

Patients wear the Penguin for only 3-4 months.  The process is quick and easy.  This technology is cutting edge and not offered by many orthodontists in the local area.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions that you may have!

Why do I have a Penguin Appliance?

Your Penguin appliance is specifically designed to move your upper molars back.  This will help fix your bite and create room so we can avoid the removal of permanent teeth.

Will it Hurt?

You will notice some pressure and tightness in the upper teeth that the penguin attaches to for the first several days.  This will pass and is best dealt with by taking Advil for the discomfort.  If you experience an irritation to your cheeks, try placing soft wax over the bothersome areas. You may want to eat a soft diet for these few days as well.

How do I care for my Penguin?

Brushing is the most important part of caring for your penguin!  Brush after every meal.  If for some reason you don’t have your toothbrush with you, swish with water.  Tickle your penguin with your toothbrush bristles and the roof of your mouth as well.  This will make the penguin feel good and prevent against any discomfort.  Follow the food list instructions to prevent breaking your penguin.

Food List:

  • No Seeds (i.e. strawberry or poppy seeds)
  • No Gum
  • No Sticky Candy
  • No ice or nuts


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