You And Your Retainer – A Happy Marriage

Patients always want to know, “how long do I have to wear my retainers?”

The standard answer is “forever.”   Yes, retainers are for life, but the good news is, your teeth are straight for life as well!
You can always depend on your retainers to keep your teeth straight, but can your retainers depend on you?   Should you decide you would rather skip wearing your retainers for awhile, when you come back to your retainers, the retainers may not be the right fit for you anymore.

So what happens when your retainers don’t fit? Well, it’s time to schedule an appointment.  The best case scenario – I’ll make you a new retainer. Worst case scenario – you will need to start treatment all over again to straighten your teeth.  There are affordable products available that can help make small changes – perhaps that’s all you need.  Either way, if you think there’s a problem make an appointment now! How can all of this be avoided? Wear your retainers!

After your braces are off and you have been wearing retainers for over a year, I recommend scheduling a yearly appointment to make sure that everything is fitting properly.  If you lose your retainers, it is cheaper to replace them IMMEDIATELY than to do your orthodontic treatment over again. I offer a second set of retainers at half price as a one time deal at your removal date.

Again, how can all of this be avoided?  Wear your retainers!

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