The Need For Speed!

The Need for Speed – How many orthodontic patients ask “When will I get my braces off?”

Orthodontic treatment is never, ever fast enough. We are limited by the biology of the body, specifically the bone biology. Did you know that your skeleton turns over 100% every seven years? Yes, that’s right! You have a new skeleton every seven years. Tooth movement speed is determined by the speed of bone turnover, not very fast . . . About 30 years ago, it was determined by orthopedic physicians that bone healing could be sped up by applying a pulsing sensation to the bone. This increases blood flow to the area which speeds up the biology. We now hear and see these reduced healing times in professional sports. Have you noticed how quickly athletes return to the game after an injury?

Now we have a new device that will speed up the process of moving your teeth into that perfect smile and bite. It is called Acceledent. It provides micropulsation to your teeth, when applied for only 20 minutes per day. This device has been in use around the world for the last 4 years and now has just received FDA approval here in the U.S. The clinical studies are good, clinical results are off the chart for both speed and comfort. Acceledent has been shown to reduce treatment times by 38-50%!


At ChapmanSmiles, we have always stressed minimal time in braces/maximum result. Our goal has always been to try to have treatments completed in about a year. Our Phase One appliances (the Penguin and T-Rex appliances) have achieved this for over 15 years now by using early intervention and setting up space and a good bite for the remaining permanent teeth to erupt into. This new device will allow us to achieve even faster treatment times in those people who we meet later and missed the Phase I opportunity, with more comfort,…. yes, more comfort and speed!

Call our office for a consultation to see how this new technology will get you to the smile you’ve always wanted in about half the time of traditional orthodontic treatment.

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