How Does the Propel® VPro At-Home Device Work?

How Does the Propel® VPro At-Home Device Work?

The world of orthodontics changed when researchers began using the power of vibration to shift teeth faster. Accelerated orthodontic devices, like those pioneered by Propel®, can perfect your smile faster, reducing time spent in braces or clear aligners. If you put off correcting your smile because of the time or discomfort, it might be time to reconsider. 

At ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics in Happy Valley, Clackamas, Oregon, orthodontist Dr. Gary Chapman offers accelerated orthodontics to help you reach smile perfection faster than with braces or clear aligners alone.

Understanding accelerated orthodontics 

Traditional braces and clear aligners like Invisalign® and Spark™ place constant mild pressure on your teeth to shift them into alignment. This is a slow, gradual process that can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

The advancements in dental technology led to the development of accelerated orthodontics, which typically refers to the use of tiny but powerful vibrations to shift teeth. This technology is provided by our office via Propel, with both professional and at-home applications. 

How the Propel VPro at-home device works 

Before the teeth can be permanently shifted into alignment, the underlying alveolar bone must be broken down and reshaped. Propel technology accomplishes this using high-frequency vibrations (HFVs), which create dimples along the gumline. 

These are known as micro-osteoperforations™, and allow your body to break down the jawbone faster. With accelerated orthodontics, you can significantly reduce time spent in dental braces and invisible aligners.  

There are two ways to create these microfractures: using the Propel Excellerator® or VPro systems. The former is an in-office treatment that takes a few moments, while the latter is the at-home alternative that’s applied daily until you achieve the desired effects. 

At-home use is easy. The VPro is a U-shaped tray that you bite down onto while it vibrates, delivering HFVs to your jawbone. You only have to do this for about five minutes a day to reap the benefits. 

Benefits of HFVs over traditional braces or clear aligners

Traditional tooth straightening has to operate from the top of the tooth down, pulling the tooth from above the gumline and trying to drag it through the bone. This is why aligners and traditional braces take so long to work, and why unwanted shifting of teeth back to their original positions after treatment isn’t uncommon. 

Accelerated orthodontics devices like Propel VPro allow pressure to be applied below the gumline, weakening the bone nearer to the root of the tooth and allowing your teeth to shift through a “softer” landscape to their new position. This gives you faster results that are more likely to be long-lasting.

To learn more about the VPro and accelerated orthodontics, schedule a consultation by calling ChapmanSmiles at 503-336-1883, or request an appointment online.

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