Happy Holidays To All!

You will notice big changes in our office starting next week. We have been preparing for the last 6 months to switch our practice management software and go paperless. Both of these changes will be difficult at first, please be patient as my team and I learn the new pathways and procedures of a paperless office. Our training week just ended and we are feeling more confident as each day passes.

The clinical staff is getting to know our new Samsung tablets as well as the new software. Charting each appointment is slow, particularly for each patient’s first visit under the new system. We are placing a “historical entry” to document each patient’s current status so we can move forward from there. This takes some time, but we are getting faster. We will be rolling out a new patient education program utilizing the tablets and videos.

Topics will include:

The front office is transferring and generating new letter templates, putting together data bases for emailing and texting patient appointment reminders as we move away from the phone based system currently employed. Our financial contracts are undergoing a complete overhaul as well. We are moving toward more email correspondence and much less USPS mailing.

Starting Dec, 21st you will also notice all new treatment chairs in our clinic!  They will be a hint of things to come late next year……

All of us at ChapmanSmiles Orthodontics wish everyone a happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year.

Dr. Gary Chapman

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